Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Our First Week

Life sure has been fun with Brubeck! He has been a spunky and fun addition to our family. I have been amazed by how much the little guy sleeps! He gets more and more comfortable with us and with his new home every day.

I have been by his side constantly since we adopted him last week. Today was the first day I left him home by himself, in his crate, and he did so good! Brubeck is great at going to the bathroom outside, not marking territory, playing with other dogs, getting compliments from the ladies on how handsome he is, at sleeping, and at practicing his 'leave it' command as well as starting to learn his name.

David and I are both determined and committed to training Brubeck faithfully and to teaching him to be a well behaved little gentleman. There is a time for everything. A time to run, a time to play, and the time to listen to your pack leader- and that's what we're teaching him. We have been learning a lot about dog training and are planning to use positive reinforcement and leadership to show Bru the way.

Brubeck does have a few opportunities for growth already. He is slightly fearful of unknown areas, of men, and of loud cars and trucks. Also, he refuses to go use the stairs in the back of our apartment building. But I have high hopes for the little guy! The first few times we tried to get him to hop in and out of the car, he was very reluctant. The first time I tried to take him into PetSupermarket, he wouldn't do it. But on the second trip to the store, he took his time and then went on it! And now he hops in and out of the car like a little champ.

We'll be spending the next week putting Brubeck in a variety of social scenarios, both with people, dogs, and traffic, as well as getting him on a more regular exercise schedule.

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