Wednesday, January 19, 2011

To Grandma's House We Go

When you get your first pet you're so excited. But it dawns on you early on that everyone else may not be quite as happy as you are, especially if your new addition is a real handful. We knew after having him for a couple of days that Brubeck is really laid back and chill, but will he stay like this? We he go all Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde on us the second company comes over or we take him to someone else's house? Well good news, so far so good!

Brubeck ran and played in my parents beautiful fenced in back yard and had so much fun. I was nervous he would fall in the pool, but I was proved a worry wart and it never happened. My parents love him! He is fun to play with, doesn't bark or mark (so far...), and when he got tuckered out he took a long peaceful fireside nap. He is near 100% potty trained and minded his manners perfectly or grandma and grandpa. Ok, so who wants to have us over next?

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