Wednesday, March 9, 2011

43lb Brubaby

Oh what a big love bug our Brubeck is. We've been really busy lately and Brubeck is as smart, fun, and lazy as ever! He loves to snuggle, eat peanut butter, and chew his toys. Brubeck has never chewed on any furniture or shoes and for that I sure am grateful. Knock on wood...

The past two nights Brubeck has been a little sneaky. He is usually dead to the world once those droopy eye lids come down at night. Sometimes we have to drag him to his bed! But lately he wakes up a few times in the night and slowly, quietly, and softly tries to sneak in the bed with me! He has never been allowed on or in our bed, but he sure would love it since it smells like us and he loves to cuddle. And not to mention that Bru isn't one to turn down a nice memory foam nights sleep!

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